Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jack frost on my windshield

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servant said...

As I sped off in a hurry this morning I pumped windshield washer fluid onto the car windshield instead of scraping off the frost. I didn't get further than about one block away when the washer fluid ran out ... so I pulled over to wait until the defrost kicked in ... and being one who doesn't like waiting around or doing nothing, I noticed a great photo opportunity laying on my windshield ... Jack Frost himself! Isn't God amazing in that He even makes something as challenging as frost on a windshield full of beauty. In this shot, I pulled the f-stop down to 2.8 so that it only has a very small focal range. That's why the area above (closer to me) and the area below (further away) is out of focus while the middle (area where I focused on) is in focus ... (for those of you who really care :))