Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona

The river flows from a dam about a ten minute drive to the right of this photo (below) and continues down to the left and winds its way through the Grand Canyon, about a three hour dive away.
It was surreal walking up to this cliff from behind at 5:00 AM before the sunrise.  In the dark, it just seemed to be normal desert with some rocks, and as I walked closer, the cliff opened up before me to this huge 1,000 ft. cliff to the river below (that's the same height as standing on top of a 99 storey building with no guard rails).  Lying on my stomach to peer over the cliff with my arms stretched out holding the camera, it was all I could do to just lie there.  It's an amazing feeling to be so high up and so close to the edge.  I had to shut my eyes at times when the feeling of the cliff giving way was too strong - it was overwhelming.  I came back later that night to be there for this sunset (above).   God's creation is amazing!  It is awe inspiring to be in such a large place and to feel so small.  A beautifully humbling experience.  The sunrise photos are below:

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